Emma! You have written the piece that says EXACTLY what I have been wanting to say my whole adult…
Cheryl Wilson

Congratulations on discovering that feminism was wrong, and that they totally missed the fact that men have not only NOT been oppressors.. they have been slaves, with exactly zero choices in life. Unless you count prison.

“You work, or…. prison I guess”.

Women have been sheltered from this in previous generations… they used to do the truly important things in life, and had amazing freedom in doing it: Raising children. Being “tied” to one’s home, is a vastly better proposition than being tied to a cubicle. Or a steel mill. Or the cab of a truck. Or any of the other BS that women thought were “empowerment”. 30 years later, you call it for what it is… and continues to be for men. Slavery.

Women still have the option of being home.

Men TRIED to tell you womyn this decades ago… be careful what you ask for. The real world ain’t nice.

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