Personally, I do find it sinister when someone in a position of power denies the obvious fact that the USA has a structural racism problem that causes black people to be continuously killed by law enforcement
The intent of this opinion piece was never to alter the opinion of the legions of Peterson’s…
Sam Jacobsen

Continuously killed? Like how we have power continuously? As in it’s happening right now? And now? And now again?

Perhaps you meant to say “regularly”.

So black people are “regularly”, let’s say, killed by law enforcement.

If cops aren’t supposed to kill… then why do we issue them guns? This is not a rhetorical question. I really do want you to attempt an answer.


You didn’t say that cops ONLY kill blacks… leaving open the possibility that cops kill others. I can tell you with certainty that cops kill non-blacks as well…

So is it the case that you only care about one group of people based on the color of their skin? Or is it that you dislike non-blacks so much that you literally don’t care about their fate at the hands of cops?


How many whites can you name, that have been killed by police, from memory? How come the answer is ZERO?

Now how many blacks can you name? Several, yes?

So you can’t name ANY whites, but you can name numerous blacks… isn’t this really just a measure of your bias or ignorance?

You should be able to name more whites killed than blacks, yet you can’t.

Why not?

Because you don’t care about making a comparison?

How can you charge police of bias, when you refuse to even be familiar with the basics by which a necessary comparison MUST be made?