No, I mean Dylann Roof, Wade Michael Page (attacker of Sikh temple in Wisconsin, 2012), the…
Arielle Maia

Corralling up a bunch of deranged individuals… and slapping a “thoughtful right wing political activist” label on them is simply not to be taken seriously.

Nobody has been saying that BLM gets violent because they are mental cases… unbalanced and on medication. They are taken seriously and at face value.

Nobody has been saying that the UCB rioters are out of their minds… or on an alcohol fueled tear across campus.

So why are you presenting me with unbalanced rejects?

You have to go to the legitimate, sane arms of political action.

What do they say in their newsletters? What do they organize?

On the right, you have groups the NRA, Oathkeepers. etc. that have a thought out position and take actions. As far as more grassroots people that “hit the streets”, you have the Tea Party events.

Dylann Roof? Give me a break.

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