Crossing the Line in Battleground America
David Butow

“ delegitimizing the institutions of democracy and the process .”

Right, it’s called being against the ESTABLISHMENT.

The democrats TRIED to get an outsider in (if you can call Sanders one), the republican party was successful at doing so.

The process is compromised. Trump knows it… and most Americans know it, which is why Sanders did so well, and why Sanders people are angry, knowing that the establishment runs the show.

Trump is fighting this establishment… as well he should.

Just this week, Democrat insiders were caught on video explaining how they were running large scale, nation wide voter fraud schemes (and how they had been doing so for decades). They described how they manipulate the media, create with great care violent disruption around opponents.

Trump is not the first.

Al Gore (Democrat) and his voters wouldn’t concede his presidential efforts… and refused to till the end. A Judge’s order put an end to it.

The 4th estate is filled to the gills with what amount to party loyal operatives, shaping news… at first stealthily, and now on broad daylight. They depend on the gullibility and stupidity of the public to continue to do so… but the public isn’t so stupid.

More than 2/3rds of Americans say they have no trust at all in the media.

They are part of the process, my friend. and they have done FAR more to de-legitimize it than anything any single candidate has ever done. And this, sadly, includes you.

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