Are you aware that a river is not conscious but that men are?
Elisa Mariño

Are you aware that a river is not conscious but that men are?

Egads. My posts are meant for people that can think clearly, but this once I will point out to you the very obvious: We are talking about a shared activity with others. When ***others*** choose to steer right around a rock, in an activity that you have joined in freely, then the issue of consent is *fully ridiculous*… this is not about the river (duh). What if everyone on board individually demanded that they must consent before any steering left or right is made? It’s stupidity.

If that doesn’t work… then what about the idea of climbing into a boxing ring with someone else… and the next thing you know, you’re punching each other.

What kind of asshole would say “I demand that you must have my consent before you punch me?”


What this is about is SHARING FULL RESPONSIBILITY for the things you do with others. For women to *invent* this notion of “consent” for shared activities… to benefit women only… is the problem. It’s artificial. It is a contrivance.

Sexual relations in the ENTIRE NATURAL WORLD, FOR THE ENTIRE EXPANSE OF TIME, have existed entirely without any notion of “consent”.

It is only the rabid feminist that is so power hungry to dominate relationships that she demands that *she* must provide consent (as if she was in a position to) before any sexual activity takes place… nature and history be damned.

Again, go on a rafting trip, and search for the person you need to give “consent” to. You will look like an idiot for doing so.

A sexual rafting trip is the same. It’s wet, wild, a little dangerous… and if you are there doing it, then you SHARE FULL RESPONSIBILITY.

There is nobody to consent TO, when you are an equal participant.

It is only when there is INEQUALITY that special considerations need to be made. Otherwise, you’re an adult in a shared activity.

If you wish to WITHDRAW yourself, then simply do so.