Why Are Syrian Refugees Running Back To This Evil Dictator Who Likes To Kill Them?
Caitlin Johnstone

Funny how hindsight seems to make the Gary Johnson answer to “the Aleppo situation” the best answer ever.

Caitlin… just wanted to take this moment having read an article of yours that I don’t have any strong opinions about, and send along words of admiration and encouragement… for I find myself strongly agreeing or strongly disagreeing with most all you write, which is bound to happen as you have both opinion to share and courage in your delivery.

I suppose writing that regularly opposes and confirms my thinking may mean that you are a highly unstable thinker, or it may just mean that you’re doing something right. I’m confident it’s the latter… so keep up the good work… revisit old topics on occasion and share with us how your views may have changed over time. I think that might be really interesting.

Continued success!

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