What fixing a roof taught me about feminism.
Jhagi Bhai

Guys have known this forever. And yes, often to a fault where they would insist even when a woman was both capable and truly willing (with full knowledge of the dimensions at hand).

Men have decided that roles are ok, usually because something tells us to keep women safe. That’s been the general basis with male disagreement concerning “equality”.

Men have long agreed with “equal under the law” (and someday men will be), but outside that, we have disagreed that actual equality can or should exist. No reason to be mad… no reason to see it as unfair. It’s just life.

So men keep dying on the job with nary a complaint (the survivors, naturally), because we have brotherly respect for those that help us keep you safe… knowing we might be next.

There IS a patriarchy… who generally set things up to protect what society values most. And it’s not men.

You’ll notice parents do the exact same thing with children… parents “rule” in near total sacrifice to their children.

“In charge” is far closer to “being responsible” than it is being in power.

Ask any decent parent.

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