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Hi JJ,

Not really… it’s just an admission that flight safety is still an issue, and that ignoring it, or belittling people’s fears about it is irrational.

If planes are crashing, then it makes sense to show why YOUR airline is safe(er) compared to others. In other words, differentiation between safe and unsafe.

It doesn’t specifically require you stop flying, although that is one way to accomplish it I suppose.

Attacks in the US and the world have continued unabated. Clearly an issue. You watch the news, right?

Christians still catch hell for the crusades which happened centuries ago… and SF Ali thinks that a massive attack (largest on the US mainland in history) becomes irrelevant in only a matter of years… ? Makes absolutely no sense.

It sure still matters to New York, and the mothers and fathers… sons and daughters lost. I guarantee you that much.

But still, SF Ali is trolling for hate crime sympathy (and got it) even though the video showed no hate crime. Just an obnoxious feminist, that doesn’t like how women are treated in Islam. Heck, find me one feminist that does!

So as long as women are oppressed under it, girls genitals are mutilated, etc… to feminists, that’s just more evidence of plane wrecks happening on a regular basis (in your metaphor) and you know how feminists are, they aren’t afraid to take the fight for women to the ends of the earth.