it is an entirely different thing when you accuse someone of trying to subvert our government.
As Justin Zhao pointed out, it is one thing to call each other stupid or curse at each other….it
June Q. Doe

I dunno… I think that kind of talk does us all a favor. It tells us who they are.

One would never suffer from such an accusation… and would gain much support in some circles…

I take casual yet frothing accusations of racism far more seriously… as people do lose their jobs over that.

My answer to such things is not to have Medium work to make the ugly more pleasant to look upon… I’m of a mind to simply wear such accusations as a badge of honor.

I think I’ll become a card-carrying racist. Encourage others to do the same. Not from that boring old dictionary definition that nobody knows, but the new one which is in full effect… Racism: when someone disagrees with a progressive on issues of race.

Similarly for sexism.

In that vein, I’d consider a vote for Trump as a sincere attempt to subvert our (irresponsible) government… and stand in appreciation of the attempt.

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