but rape is a violation of a human being, male or female, child or adult matters not, that is as near to murder as one can come without actually killing the victim
There is a difference between statutory rape and actual physical violation without consent, but…
Sandra Lee Smith

I kind of doubt this.

I can think of no reason why you would promote this idea.

Rape is such a small issue in some circumstances and cultures that it is scarcely recognized.

Women used to be informed of their “wifely duty”, with court enforcement in some cases. This is to say that rape can be “built up” into becoming a matter taken seriously… but as rape happens in the natural world… not just with humans… from ducks to dolphins… perhaps not so serious?

As such, we’re looking at, at least to some extent, a natural process concerned with life itself.


You have to ask yourself if you think the female duck is scarred or damaged in any significant way.

Certainly it’s hard to describe the critical difference between Man A then Man B having sex with a woman… the former being “a beautiful thing”, and the latter being “rape, that thing that’s just short of murder”, with the key distinction being the attitude of the female at the time of each.

This isn’t to say that nature has it “right”. Our strength is in being able to choose behavior outside of the realm of instinct.

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