Ok, I think this answers my question about what your beef is.
Jason Stelzner 🌹🍁

I said what my “beef” is.

It’s people like you that spread hatred toward others for failing to conform to approved thought… and your advocacy of confrontation to deal with their thought crime.

That you would even think of spreading the idea that *anyone* has a boot on my son’s neck is so repugnant and presumptuous, that the offense of reading it almost causes me to rethink my advocacy for freedom of expression.

The way to meet ideas is with ideas.

Not antagonistic physical confrontation that puts people in danger. That’s a fools game.

But the Klan idiots had a right to be there, as they followed the rules. They should have been left unmolested, and frankly, ignored.

I think that the last time the progressives pulled permits for a demonstration was in 1964, and certainly… violence follows them wherever they go… funny coincidence, that.

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