On reflection, I see him as something like ring-master in The Circus From Hell.
This is very true.
John Hopkins

I see… so you are starting from disillusionment :)

The way this gets fixed, over time, is to stop looking for/expecting/holding presidents accountable to the “what can you do for me” crowd.

The answer should always be “I can collect taxes from you to pay for what government is chartered to do.”

It was he likes of Obama personally inserting himself into trivial local disputes between two people (see “beer summit”) that brought the office to a new low in terms of just how much in our nickers the POTUS is supposed to be.

“Making sure white cops don’t upset black people” as noble as that might be contorted to sound… absolutely can’t be allowed to stand as “normal”.

Your ring master analogy is, sadly, all to applicable… if by that you include the ringmaster wading into the crowd and offering to help them with sex changes, student loans, how their marriages are going…

And yea, the circus donkeys and elephants from the house and senate are working the crowds too, instead of performing their jobs.

We do get the government we deserve, don’t we….

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