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I have a university degree from a highly respected Canadian university

I sure called it.

Let me guess… Toronto?

You are on a fools errand.

One can easily argue (and it is often done), that colleges and progressives are destroying nations all over the world… this would be the “cultural genocide” you refer to.

But ADD TO THAT the violations of the individual to such an extent that immediate legal remedies are in place… and clearly we are talking about two different things. We are surrounded by leftist violence on the individual, and progressive attempts at cultural genocide. It’s a shit storm.

Your only question was how do I reconcile the violation of the individual, and the raping of society?

I point out simply that both exist because they are two different things.

How hard is that to understand?

I would submit that with respect to “trolling” (which can not properly be labeled “right wing”, though a lefty would certainly try)…

Such things are simply not a counter balance of any sort to violating the rights of the individual.

You are comparing “hurt feelings” to intimidation, physical beatings, destroyed property and livelihoods, the crippling of physical infrastructure that lives depend on.

Shame on you.

If you want to TRY to inflate cultural issues to the level of genocide… I’d say that the culture that produced your inclination to do that… is certainly experiencing extreme cultural damage.

Adios my friend.

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