Trump is none of those things as he is Cluster B and has no commitment to such ideology.

I think you’re confused between the concepts of relevant, and “still breathing”.

Yes, the klan still breathes… but just saying they are relevant doesn’t make it so… in what way does anyone consider them relevant? Are you suggesting that they secretly control the media, or have infiltrated government? Pretty soon I’m going to check to see if that’s tinfoil on your head.

And of course they walk among us.

It’s this thing I like to call freedom and diversity. You’re not supposed to know what people believe… anarchists walk among “us”, communists walk among “us”… are you suggesting we need to bring back McCarthy? Funny how we become what we hate.

The left has been going full McCarthy every time they see a “dangerous” republican for a long time. The left would dread losing the klan, because they couldn’t then try to work KKK into the same sentence with whomever they have in their crosshairs.

But again, please do tell how the klan is relevant today…

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