Because to me, by attacking feminism, you are attacking the need to recognize female identity.
Definitely quite interesting!
Amber Lisa

I would say that this points to a false effect. It’s just a social convention at this point, and only a couple generations old (in this political form).

This is not to say that there is NO identity connected to gender… or should not be. But the “natural” one looks VERY different from the Identity Politics version… which is bi-polar (defined in reflection to men).

Feminine identity in the past was naturally centered around the feminine, which is radically different from feminism.

The feminine is more naturally connected to motherhood… nature doesn’t “get” careers in any evolutionary sense. Feminism set out to shoot that right through the heart… “we need affordable day care!” which is an affront to the nurturing impulse of motherhood, and it’s profound source of social identity.

So the “need” was already addressed (as if one could stop identity in the first place!), and has been addressed all across humanity in every civilization through all eternity. Women have never been without an identity.

And judging by the polling data of women’s happiness, women don’t seem to be all that thrilled with their new identity. Now they get to be locked in cubicles too, away from their kids who are being raised by the lowest bidder.

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