Your comment is legitimately hilarious, it’s full of the same kind of whiny self-victimisation that…

I’ll let your remarks stand as the perfect example of “the elephant in the room” I spoke of earlier. So you have my thanks.

I will take a moment to remark about how the insult of “racism” is exactly that. The reason I know is because I actually checked. I’ve asked literally hundreds of people that have used the term against another to tell me the definition of racism.

Not a single one knew the definition of racism. Few even attempted an answer.

And you don’t either.

The only utility it has, to the left, is as a damaging insult. So disconnected from the actual meaning of the word, that “racist” is used regularly within the spheres of nationality (not a race), and Islam (also not a race).

These mud-slingers are at a loss as to its meaning because they don’t even bother with dictionaries, and if they do they wouldn’t have the time to look it up because they are running late for a demonstration where they will denounce their target de jour as a racist.

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