The jury still couldn’t agree that he was a rapist.
What the Bill Cosby Mistrial Means for Sexual Assault Survivors
Caitlin Rathbun

I’m pretty sure they have to use the legal definition of rape that existed at the time.

And why is a mistrial an injustice?

It makes no sense that you are claiming that “women” and “survivors” “everywhere” have experienced “injustice” due to it.

What in your mind causes you to think that women everywhere are bringing Cosby to court? The only people that might experience injustice are the specific women that claim they were assaulted…. or Cosby himself.

Expanding it beyond this small group is pretty darned strange.

Are you trying to get all women outraged? Get them in the mood to riot? To kill?

Should “women everywhere” have considered O.J. Simpson as a killer, and felt that they personally suffered injustice when he got off?

The mechanism you are describing fits perfectly those of a cultish-fad of attaining victim status at every possible moment… the first step in becoming recreationally outraged.

Sorry… no women have suffered any injustice in this, except possibly some women known by Bill Cosby.

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