The Decline of Poverty
Angus Hervey

Inequality is a ***great*** thing, if people will stop consuming their mental bandwidth on identity politics long enough to think for a second.

Imagine a world where everyone has nothing. It’s shit. It’s hell.

Yay equality, right?

No. Equality sucks rocks. Rocks that are under your feet. Hurting your feet. Because you have no shoes. Because having nothing sucks.

Now fast forward to a time in humanity when FINALLY someone has a good idea, and makes their life better. Like making a shelter. Sure, they had to work extra hard to do it… lots of energy… making careful decisions all along the way… but now they have it. They are the richest person on earth. They have a shelter, and nobody else does.


And thus begins mans ascent into a better life… with SOME leading the way… doing the work, making the sacrifices, making good decisions and avoiding the wrong ones.

Still, there are ********ALWAYS******** (< — — read that again in case you missed it).

Go back one more time and read it.

… always, people that WILL NOT do the right thing. Ever. Maybe they hate life. Maybe they have bad karma. Maybe they want a giant pity party… who knows. But they will always be there. Having nothing, sucking rocks.

Fast forward again, and the descendants of rock sucker guy still have nothing. Apparently it’s genetic in their case. But the descendants of shelter builder guy now have a space port, a fleet of ships, and is colonizing Mars.

This is an unbelievably good thing.

It means that progress *stretches*, not moves. It stretches from nothing to a (hopefully) great big something. It *****MUST****** be this way. It ********CANNOT******* be different.

Poverty keeps going down, all over the world, so much so that we have to “rethink” what the “poverty line” actually means. If you only have one color TV, then you’re impoverished. If you have big medical bills because you ate too much food and became obese… you are impoverished. If you wasted your thousands upon thousands of dollars earned every year on video games, booze and government supplied water, you’re impoverished.

Advancement means leaving some behind. Always more and more near the bottom come along. They advance… but the leaders are there to stretch the human experience forward.

When I was born, only research institutes had computers… room sized affairs that churned mightily on what today are simple and inconsequential math problems.

Today, thanks to shelter builder guy and his descendants, the impoverished all over the world have computers in their pockets that are thousands of times more powerful than those early devices…

So they can watch porn, wirelessly, all day and stay poor.