You’re right, other people who have their head in the same hole as you believe the obvious…
Benji Lampel

“ But really the most stunning part of your piece is that you clearly have no idea what this election made liberals feel.”

It didn’t MAKE liberals feel anything. If it did, then ALL liberals would be on the streets. The reason they are not, is because even most liberals know what you do not… that feelings don’t excuse it. And you seem to understand this on one level:

“ Liberals are protesting because they are scared, perhaps legitimately,”

“perhaps”. Dead on correct. It’s not a given… not by any stretch. How about not legitimate in any way.

How you feel, doesn’t grant you moral authority to burn, loot, destroy. It’s a very liberal mind set that seeks to excuse less than civil behavior like this on the *feelings* of precious snowflakes, who believe that feelings trump civil behavior, or even law.

The anger and fear of witches did not exist because of what the “witches” did, but rather those who organized the community against them. Using fear and accusation, communities could be organized to capture, condemn, and even kill “witches”.

Endless liberal boogeymen… racist, sexist, bigoted homophbes… yada, yada, yada… the “war on women”… and similar fear mongering, is no different from the fear mongering done by the military industrial complex when it tries to gain power through spreading fear of foreign actors… the only difference is the scale, and the currency.

“Dear black people, those evil Republicans want you back in chains, picking cotton… you have every reason to fear for your lives, your freedom… your only hope is the Democrat party!” It’s money in the bank. Cha-ching!

The fear isn’t coming from Republicans… it’s coming from liberal leadership, so when you tell us all about how the protesters feel… well, we know why. And this is what the leadership want. “Hyperbole!” I hear you say.. “Wild fantasy” I hear you say….

How far is the left willing to go, to create boogeymen? How about literally paying and training infiltrators to initiate violence at Trump rallies in a way intended to cause the world to falsely believe that it was the Trump supporters themselves, filled with hate, that attack the innocent… and it’s all a lie:

In Portland, notice how the protesters are BUSED IN? Not just ENCOURAGING violent streets, but DIRECT SUPPORT.

Notice how Obama and Hillary, both once big fans of the “peaceful transition of power”, are now suddenly gone missing?

Where is Clinton when it comes to asking for an end to it all? Where is the leadership necessary to offer constructive alternatives?

You know where they are. They are planning how to keep fear alive by any means necessary… because fear means votes.