I would. I definitely do.
Amber Lisa

It seems to me you are confused between identity and identity politics.

What do you think people thought their identity was before identity politics?

Identity politics replaced reasonable ideas of identity with toxic ones.

Instead of being a strong woman, or an adventurous woman, or a caring woman, or all of the above… identity politics said instead: You’re a feminist. Here is what you believe. Here is how you vote. Here is what you stand for. Also, you are now a member of many… and you are powerful.

This is a radical change from individual identity… as was intended by the cultural marxists that invented it.

So the issue is NOT ought one have an identity… it is if you adopt one provided for you for the purposes of pitting you against something or someone else.

White people don’t walk around thinking they are white. One of their major advantages is that they don’t think that. They think about things that matter more… like being ambitious, or active, or a reader, or a thousand other things that one can latch on to.

Me? Climber. Engineer. Adventurer. Pilot. Artist. Reader. Patriot. Student. Maker.

I have nobodies agenda built into me. Nobody is telling me how I have to vote like Blacks do. You have to vote Democrat, or you’re an Uncle Tom… don’t you know?

That’s identity politics… and it’s unhealthy as fuck.

Whites are free of that. Asians, similarly, have rejected it (and do so well you may have noticed).

The other advantage whites have is that they are not presented with an assortment tray of excuses… they have none. That means you get up every day, free to be who YOU are, and without any crutch. This is one hell of a motivator.

I taught my bi-racial son to flip anyone off that told him who he was supposed to be because of his race. To never fill out a form that asks for his race… or if he must, just select “white” and that way, he can know that everything he got, he earned. He never has to doubt himself or his abilities.

Here is a book about someone that played the identity politics game. With the obvious result that he was not able to finish school. Getting underachievers into schools they aren’t ready for helps nobody. Such is the corrupting power of identity politics… powerful, like a deadly tornado.