Wow…wasn’t quite looking for a dissertation on identity politics, but thanks Kady.
Amber Lisa

It’s funny that you were thinking that this was a new notion I was getting from a right wing think-tank :)

Maybe you are starting to see it now… that Identity Politics is THE liberal playbook, and has been for a couple of generations. The intellectuals on the left talk about it pretty much in the open, but it’s a plan so sophisticated (reworked advances of Marxism) that it just flies overhead at 10,000 feet, and the common leftist can’t begin to hear it.

They are too busy being activists working at the direction of IP to actually pay attention to the source of the movement.

The author of the Salon article articulated well a notion that I prepared in a very different way…

“The more a particular group becomes validated in the broader culture’s eyes, the less it feels satisfied with the recognition, and the more it feels it needs more of that rush of acknowledgment and credit based on identity alone. There is no end to it.”

This matches with absolute perfection my comments about why the plight of blacks has been worsening, and was “supercharged” under Obama. Obama *validated* and thereby increased recognition of the Identity Political version of the black experience… that of oppressed victim. So the more of the “rush of acknowledgement” was required… from that BLM organically grew… and like he says, there is absolutely no end. IP requires that blacks remain ever more oppressed (in the minds of blacks). This destroys them, because the internal lies that one has to incorporate to INCREASE a sense of oppression in a world where they are not oppressed, causes a massive divergence from reality. This is why racism was shifted into the shadows in the form of institutional racism. This is why racism itself was radically redefined (lowering the bar to the floor)… this is why Trump has to be a “white supremacist” even though there is not the slightest chance he is.

Reality must be bent to an ever increasing extent… new forms of oppression invented, new sources of oppression “discovered” in a continuing frenzy, precisely as the author describes. Blacks are so unhealthy now as a result, that they truly are crippled… extremely dysfunctional. Even accomplished men like General Colin Powell, clearly on the right… was still seduced to see ghosts of racism at times. He voted for Obama. Even with his accomplishments, he was unable to get around his “Identity” as imposed upon him by skin color.

There was one other section from the article that, again not at all unfamiliar to me, was driven home with amazing force:

Identity politics — the brand of communalism it flows from, i.e., multiculturalism, and the brand of expression it leads to, i.e., political correctness — is existentially unassailable for the young. They know no other means of self-understanding, artistic expression or personal solidarity. They can only be organized around this principle. They see the world strictly through this framework, not through some Enlightenment perspective of universal human rights irrespective of one’s biological identity.

This gets at what I recently spoke about… the difference between the IP of Feminism, and the simple identity of the feminine. This is a simple expression of the fact that identity is ancient, and was around LONG before IP came along…. It’s just another means of self understanding… but people for at least the last generation (more in many cases), simply cannot imagine any other mode of identity… and it’s just a bullshit political contrivance, but sold so effectively to them throughout the entire school system that most children adopt it… and commonly get trapped in it unless they have someone to help them out of it.

This is what happens during red pilling. You start to see true alternatives to identity… very serviceable alternatives from before Identity Politics are still there, and work perfectly well (and many women are rediscovering them… in their escape from Feminism).

Part of it is simply: “Holy shit. It’s actually OK that men and women are different.” This allows the mind to relax and find peace because it’s no longer forced to bend and twist reality in order to force fit women (or men) into Identity Politics.

Now if we could only convince blacks that its perfectly OK to be Americans… they could start to climb out of their deep hole. But their politics is a LONG way from letting that happen. Here is an interesting video of a young guy that totally red-pilled in the middle of beating up Trump supporters… I honestly didn’t expect I’d see something like this.

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