I am an ornery stubborn bastard who doesn’t like paperwork, and cowboy enough to approach things from a “get ‘er done” angle rather than a “have that done” one.
No argument there.
Ron Collins

Just on the off chance you might appreciate Jaimie Mantzel, a crazy Canadian -> Vermont mountain man ->Panamanian island guy…

This guy is afflicted with becoming the absolute master of his destiny. (though interestingly capitalism is still at work at his island retreat, as well as almost totally free enterprise.)

I don’t know where to suggest you start… there is a big story to tell with this fellow…

He’s an engineer/philosopher/father… who’s greatest genius is the act of simply starting. Currently he is constructing his “fortress of happiness” (alternately “fortress of freedom” and “fortress of heavy stuff”)

He, more than any other man I’ve ever seen, pushes doing anything from nothing toward high art.




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