I actually neglected to take in the air of righteousness and condescension the first few comments…

Just too much projection… there’s no basis demonstrated for what you’re saying.

I asked to name the ways the klan is seen as relevant, and your answer was essentially that it’s the idea of the klan, and not the klan itself, that is relevant… and showing this to you was the point of me asking.

It’s easy to demonstrate the BLM and KKK are worlds apart in terms of relevance, and equating them is just not reasonable. BLM has support in the major institutions of America… from the press, to our universities, a major political party, and up to the highest reaches of government. Open support. Massive funding.

The KKK absolutely has none of that. Zero.

A lot has been said recently about the intellectual bubble that so many are living in before they were blindsided by the election.

The media created a bubble… for itself and clearly for you, where the relevance of hate is demonstrably blown out of all reasonable proportion.

The bubble is in a panic, and so are you.

Here is all the clue you need: hate leads to violence. Where are we seeing violence today?

Besides the protests… we saw “hate” at Trump rallies… which was good news for the democrats, that is until we learned that the democrats were orchestrating the violence themselves as performance art for the media.

It took someone from outside of the bubble media to uncover it.

Hate, in this case, is simple projection.

And anyone projecting their own hate on to others should be profoundly ashamed.

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