“…the left is now complaining about the fact that they made blacks all but untouchable…”
Kendra Parris

Nice little word salad you’ve got there, with a dash of oil and vitriol dressing.

Your criticisms are preposterous. It’s like if a soldier explained his experience in war, and having discovered and weaved around the land mines just to survive… and you telling him “there’s no proof of those land mines!”

He’s going to laugh in your face.

And you even allude to its existence by mentioning the truly moronic use of the word “racism” to describe an offense to a religion (never Christianity, of course… western culture and all that)… and we can add its continual misuse when referring to nations as well.

Add this up. Do the math. You have legions of idiots that don’t even know a race from a religion from a nationality, carpet bombing r-bombs on any white that’s not in lock step with their liberal agenda… often misused (as you admit), and as such often in excess. Worse, even when the left use it in some reference to race, they never get it right. I know. I’ve asked literally hundreds of leftists that I have seen use the term against someone: “What is the definition of racism?”… and guess what: *they never know*. Not one single person. Out of hundreds. Do you conceive how insane that is? NOT ONE PERSON OUT OF HUNDREDS THAT ACTUALLY USE THE WORD IN ANGER, KNEW WHAT IT MEANT.

Do let that sink in.

Those few that even attempt an answer miss by a mile.

So yes… it’s just a massive field of land mines, deployed for their broad violence, as opposed to their accuracy.

Those who have stepped on those mines more times than they would ever wish to count, know them and their effects full well.

Example: I told the story of a black man, who in the early 1900’s got involved in a discussion in a public place that was dominated by whites. He spoke his mind… with all necessary grace… but certainly not in agreement with the whites there. Well, he had the wrong opinion apparently, and those whites that could identify him took a few minutes out of their day to head to where the black man enjoyed employment, explaining to his bosses how an uppity and ignorant black like him would only make their business look bad, and he should be fired if they valued their reputation. So they did… and he was put on the cold streets without the means to take care of himself or his family, just for expressing his views.

That’s a nasty bit of work… but hey, at least he wasn’t beaten. All agreed it was wrong, and racist.

I then explained (to the all present, including blacks), that I got the story wrong… I had “accidentally” got the races backward. And I also got the century wrong. It was the early 2000's.

Boy where they pissed. (it’s hard when you’re shown a mirror sometimes)

So guess what they did. They contacted my employer, told them I was a spouting racist views in public, and that their reputation as a company was in serious danger due to my employment there, and that I ought to be terminated if they valued their public image.

And sure enough… I was contacted by human resources the next day… and thankfully, the man in charge of HR said, in effect… “you’re not racist are you?” “nope”, I said. “Good, then this is behind us. Looks like some people really wanted to hurt you.” “Yep.” I said.

Literal truth.

I invented the story exactly as I did, because I KNEW IN ADVANCE how the left works…. And I knew that even though they would be committing the same abuse on me as was depicted on the black man 100 years ago… they would still do it… so blinded by hatred were they.

Don’t tell a soldier that he doesn’t know what war is like. He’s going to laugh in your face.

Because I hate the spread if ignorance… and in case you don’t already know…


1 “Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.


1.1 “ The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.

(emphasis added, and the part morons NEVER know.)

Oxford dictionary, American, British and World English.

Don’t say I never gave you anything :)