Oh, but it is very much related to slavery…
Terrie Williams

Not really. I’ve written about it, and show data here:

If it is related to slavery, it is because slavery is the universally used excuse for black failure. It allows one to focus outward, instead of the most powerful place… which is inward.

This is the core of black failure in America today.

You will notice that whites fill giant seminar events for self improvement. They buy millions of books every year, seek life coaches, and drive themselves to reinvent how they look at the world.

Why? Because they have no excuse to use as a crutch that is external to them. If they are failing, the KNOW it’s their fault (generally speaking). So they take responsibility then take charge. (or crumble in a heap of self pity)

Here’s a picture… a sea of white faces at a Tony Robbins event… I see a black face right away… and of course it’s Oprah Winfrey, one of the most successful business women in history.

She figured it out. Why not you?

And it’s not just blacks promoting the crutch… here is a video of well-meaning whites explaining how black Americans can’t handle modern society. It’s an eye opener.

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