I am a non-violent person. I have never engaged in any activity that led to violence. For you to insinuate otherwise is presumptuous.
I am considering attending a demonstration, as I have many times in the past, none of which turned…

Not when you praise REVOLUTION and invoke a man who used guns toward achieving his political aims… and a “risky” quote regarding a fight to the death.

You have some soul searching to do, I think.

Here is how it is *supposed* to work:

You sit down and talk with your neighbors about the issues of the day… you write your representative, then be sure to vote when the polls open.

That’s it.

That is the miracle of the peaceful participation of true Americans.

The tactics used in third world hell holes as a means to political success are plainly abhorrent, and should be to any rational mind where a nation of laws still exist.

NOBODY has any business in the streets.

Occasionally, some group or another has to go march… and they have that right. If you want to learn about them, attend the march as a spectator… otherwise stay home.

It’s a supreme disappointment to me that people don’t have even this basic notion of civic duty.

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