There is a rather striking refutation of identity politics today on Salon, which put elements of…
Kady M.

Notice (from the video featuring Mark Lilla) that the only reason Salon is ready to abandon it now is because it is losing its power… not because it is “wrong”. About the time society is “on to it”, the marxists switch to the next phase of their war. For me, I rarely see what the “next thing is”, but it always turns out that they are able to up their game. It’s impressive.

Mark speaks openly of the need to simply “seize power”… for the sake of having it… this is of course the ultimate goal driving everything.

They are totally pragmatic, unmoored from the constraints of principle.

This gives them a very large battle field. To have brilliant minds dedicated to subversion is such a horrific testament to humanity… especially with the Marxism body count. The level of delusion to keep returning to that murderous concept flabbergasts me.

The written article is amazing… the level of thinking that goes into understanding the movement at that level is breathtaking.

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