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Now let’s do one on “Sorry I made you invent a rape and put me in prison for 10 years… destroying my life forever”

The sad thing is… with all of the totally invented rape stories… high profile ones… essentially every major rape expose’ turned out to be fabricated in the last decade… that sane people HAVE to ask about this story as well. This rape account is easy to write. And somehow women all across the country have been able to convince themselves that it’s ok to totally fabricate rape stories for any of a host of justifications.

Of course, we all hope that nobody ever gets assaulted, raped, murdered… but nobody has the answer to any of it. But we also hope that nobody is placed behind bars who is innocent… yet we know for certain that there are men in prisons across the land that shouldn’t be there, lives destroyed. Probably getting raped themselves. (most rapes are likely to be perpetuated against men for this reason. Prison rape is rampant.)

If a woman is raped, at least she’s able to live her life… the many “rape survivors” getting on with life prove this.

I could go on, and on, and on, and on… but you get the point.

Women, you don’t have the credibility to be believed without question anymore. And you have only rabid feminism to thank for it, that has created a rape fabrication culture.

To the OP, only you will ever know if you were raped… if you were… well, that’s really terrible… but you don’t need me to tell you that. If you made it up, then I can’t wish enough bad things on you… so I’m just going to be neutral about it… Either way, seek help… that much is certain.

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