He is so clearly self-serving that there’s no fucking way he’d help anyone but himself. He would be such a bad president, he would become the necessary evil to get ordinary people on opposing sides to band together and rise up to fix the world’s problems despite historically segregative differences.
Why Trump will be the Best President Ever
Jess C.

OK, it’s been 7 months or so… what has he done for himself?

And what’s this about fixing the *world’s* problems? You sound like a Neocon.

The only problem with your theory so far is that it is taking pretty much the entire MSM sacrificing itself… to crank up and maintain a vicious anti-Trump narrative 24/7.

It’s so blatant, it’s well past embarrassing. The media is an absolute joke… in service to their own political views. I’ve not seen a group commit Harakiri this openly since feminists defended Bill Clinton over his sexual abuse of campaign workers.

Who’s self-serving now?

All I know is, I’m voting for Ivanka.

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