Ending the Spiritual Poverty of Racism in White Communities, and Reviving the Culture of Solidarity
Chris Crass

Or it could be something totally different… that whites know and have known that equality under the law is an absolute requirement, and things like affirmative action corrupt that goal.

To the extent that blacks and others accept this corruption of equality is at least some measure of how little the ideals of America are respected or understood.

Whites have told everyone exactly what needs to be done… but until people stop playing games with their humanity, and stop defining themselves by their skin color or what’s between their legs, then unity is impossible.

Unity is simple, and again, whites have said what it is.

All you have to do is dump all of that shallow bullshit about your color and your crotch, and choose to be American. And mean it.

Until that’s done… nothing is going to happen. In fact, things will just be worse.

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