Oh my you really are a self-pitying little snow-flake aren't you Not sure you are aware of this but…
Svetlana Voreskova

Poor ladies… or girls, whatever.

And it is girls, actually. We are failing them (as all the feminists nod in agreement…), but not in the way feminists believe.

We have failed at our job of protecting children. I can think of few things… no, nothing that has done more damage to our youth, especially girls, than feminism. The irony of women being free enough to not have to care about their appearance juxtaposed with their nearly fanatic consumption of clothing, cosmetics, adornments and surgical procedures proves to me but one thing… they do it for themselves. Not because men don’t respond favorably, for they do, but because it is a source of timeless power. What they lack in physical prowess they make up for with the Jedi mind trick of feminine allure magnified to its zenith by science. Women with money means women willing to pay for every innovation in beauty enhancement… layer upon layer of them from the impossibly subtle to outright fakery.

Without ever meeting her, I knew I wanted Ivanka Trump to have my babies. Ten’s or even hundreds of millions of men are with me on this. Men are stupid enough to believe that you can judge a book by it’s cover. It’s that powerful. When she’s out of sight and we gain control of our brains again we carefully reflect on recent events in the spirit of self preservation. Trust me, we do. But repeated exposure breeds poor judgement in the end.

In the immortal words of Randy Newman:

He told himself it was her mind he loved
But he was blind like all the rest
Twenty hard years went by
Till another chest will catch his eye
He just hung his head and cried
And said, “Sorry dear you’re too late
I’ve already ruined my life”

Men accept their shallowness in this un-apologetically, as well they should as women have served it up un-requested.

But the feminist is frustrated… she wants the power of the feminine yet remains incensed that a mysterious force is driving her to actually be feminine.

Naturally men are to blame.

The process of incorporating feminism into an otherwise lovely soul is a form of uglification that unravels all attempts at achieving beauty, for as each effort is expended the resentment that it need be done at all renders the entire activity moot.

The result is scores of women that are ravishing, but only at a safe physical or emotional distance.

Our failure to prevent the Laci Greens of the world, as hypocritical as they are naive, from gaining access to and corrupting the minds of young women is shameful. The absent father is much of the cause… though the reason for his absence cannot be laid at his feet alone.

So I feel sorry for the young feminist… I really do. These beautiful children corrupted against their own species is a tragedy of astounding proportions.

If they could only hear the simple truth of it all…

Know you already are beautiful. Know to say nothing if your words are not kind and beneficial to those around you, especially those who would be your mate. A man should never have to endure your abuses, anymore than you should have to endure his… even if the nature of such abuses be different.

The power of being thoughtful, humble, and simply pleasant to be around is not to be underestimated.

Feminists are furthest away from these simple truths, adding up to a deficit that an entire lifetime may not fully recoup.

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