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Pretty simple… I was honest. He had a story about a “hate crime”… and I didn’t see one in his story. He said that everyone else sees it, but couldn’t point it out to me… neither could anyone else, and I said so.

It’s funny, women have been really aggressive in advancing women’s rights, and go apeshit when men seem to want to turn the clock back to “the 50's”, but in walks Muslims… who want to turn the clock back on women CENTURIES… horrifically oppressive… 10X worse than any Christian misogynist alive today, and he just sucker punches women… getting them to side with a hyper-oppressive culture by the most basic slight of hand… taking a confrontation by a feminist and recasting it as an islamophobic attack… and western women fall for it. Suddenly they forget their self-interest.

Anyway, I simply caught him. And when people get caught… like Bill “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” Clinton… pounding the podium to mask guilt… Ali got hyper aggressive as his cowardly defense.

I find that if you just stick to topic, make simple and modest claims like “I don’t see the hate crime here…” then it simply can’t be debated. It then turns to personal attacks… which honestly, I don’t care. It just makes him look small.

(and yes, he recommended my post as well… I think it’s a numbers game… doesn’t mean anything… it builds his followers because people feel a natural need to reciprocate.)