Please don’t sell women short.
Jenny Asencio

Rational feminists are also known by their more common name: “ex-feminists”, Cassie Jaye being my current favorite.

While you’re busy writing manifestos you’re not qualified to write (as a mere disciple), Jaye took the more humble approach of asking questions, then actually listening to the answers. That’s true courage.

Your attempts at moderation are… hopeful… but just turning down the volume doesn’t change the song.

You are still in “us vs them” mode blissfully unaware of what a patriarchy even is, while you stand against it. (Hint: it has given you just about everything you have of any value).

I wonder what you must think of parents… absolutely in charge. What evils do you assign them for their “privileged” position of power? What victimization do you assign to those “oppressed” beneath them?

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