Dear Trump Supporter who says they love me,
Amanda Deibert

Donald Trump spent his entire run campaigning on racist and homophobic platforms. Promising to appoint judges to dismantle my family.

See, this is the crap people are SO VERY TIRED OF. I get it. You’re afraid. Moved to action by fear is sucky… but what you do in that moment is still on you.

You consider yourself intelligent and thoughtful, I have no doubt… and there are signs that you can be exactly that. But perhaps not always.

The above quote is reality challenged in the extreme.

You are yet another person that is prepared to call others racists… without even knowing what the word means… and for an intelligent and thoughtful person, you have no excuse… you know what a dictionary is. Use it. I mean it. Right now. Having a heavy book like that slap you on the side of the head might be the wake up you need.

Stop calling people racist if you don’t even know what the word means. Have some self respect.

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