I honestly think feminism is a reaction to a culture that kills women, which is not too say that we don’t have a culture that kills men.
Definitely quite interesting!
Amber Lisa

See what happened there? On the one hand, you *know* that our culture kills us, men and women… but Identity Politics pushed you into framing it around women.

That’s why it’s so fucking nasty. It wants you to see yourself as a victim instead of seeing problems in a more abstract and rational way… which carries a significant psychic burden! And you pay a price for that, believe me… you don’t want victim as a part of your identity because it is going to give rise to plenty of psychoses… that can manifest in depression, addiction, manic antisocial behavior…

Have you not noticed how all of the social justice warriors, that live and breath identity politics, suffer from unbelievable levels of hostility? Very anti-social behavior… confrontational, violent, tribal, emotionally unstable… it’s a real problem. These personalities are increasingly unfit to perform in the real world… to be able to hold a job, maintain functioning families… Not good at all, and something really needs to be done about it or we’re all going to pay a heavy price. It’s coming from the teachers from grade school all through university, and as you’ve perhaps seen by now made its way to the US from France via the English department at Yale… then spread from there.

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