21 Things With Which President Donald Trump Can Replace Obamacare
Laura Jayne Martin

Seems to me that Trump can reasonably replace obamacare with… nothing. (and by this I mean, Trump led legislation). Which is where we were before, which was true for the entire life of America.

If we didn’t need obamacare for over 200 years… then not having it does two things:

1- simply puts us where we were before obama. No biggie.

2 — ends the ongoing damage obamacare was doing. I recently lost my doctor because of it. My premiums and deductibles (up 300%). Insurance choices down… it was a death spiral. So ending the spiral up of costs, and the spiral down of services and choices… is good. Not to mention the costs of obamacare itself.

Just end it. Back to 2009. No biggie.

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