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SF Ali

Are you referring to 9/11? Asking because I don’t see how it’s relevant to a hate crime over 14 years later.”

Seriously? You think people can’t remember 9/11, or that you think there is an expiration date on jihad? Either islamic terror has been and is an issue *or it is not*. Please tell us precisely: is it an issue? Are you willing to state that no further attacks will occur? If not, you have no leg to stand on here.

the American Muslim community — indeed, no less, the entire global Ummah — has distanced itself and categorically rejected any and all forms of terrorism, extremism, and violence in the name of religion.”

I didn’t say distance or reject, I said differentiate, and I mean on a personal level… and indeed, I gave a personal scale example, and the video I linked was on a personal scale. The person directly in front of you might not get the global ummah newsletter. The equivalent of a “policy position” is not helpful.

If a black guy came up to me and wondered how he could know that I wasn’t a hating racist, how stupid would it be to tell him “most white people aren’t racists” as if that answers his concerns… Because it doesn’t.

Try telling BLM that most cops aren’t racist, so you should trust all off them. That’s not going to go very far, my friend. And you know it.

So it has to be personal. That is what I am getting at, and I even provided you a quote that you could personally use to help in the situation you presented (which you rejected).

Pray tell me, what happens?”

I already showed you, did you not watch the video?

“Serious question: were you dropped on your head as an infant, toddler, or small child? Did you suffer a fall recently? Perhaps a series of falls?” […]
[I’ll assume you’re just an idiot who’s bad at trolling.]
You’re actually so stupid it’s truly painful.

Ok, so here is where it gets interesting.

What we have is a story set in a coffee shop, supposedly centering around a hate crime, but the author can’t seem to point the hate crime out when asked. And of course there are no witnesses verifying the events in the story.. only the authors characterization of himself and the “criminal”.

The Criminal is abrasive, insulting… while the author (the hero of the story) has done nothing abrasive or insulting. The perfect angel.

Fast forward… here we are in the Medium Cafe, and across tables you and I have a discussion, and out of your mouth comes the above. And unlike Starbucks where no witnesses are forthcoming… here we have many hundreds.

But what do we see? In this coffee shop, you are not as you portray yourself, innocent and humble.

I’ll expect that you are in fact yourself, and in Starbucks you called this man an idiot… suggested he was dropped on his head, and that he was painfully stupid. Why shouldn’t I? Because in this highly witnessed conversation, this is what we know of you. In black and white.

What I am seeing is that you now have had two opportunities to build bridges, but in both cased failed to do so.

It’s clear to me that your account, sans witnesses, should not be taken at face value.

And I’m hoping that one of the many readers you cite can point me toward the hate crime in your now dubious story.

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