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So, basically you’re saying that you’re spinning in place conjuring theoretical imaginings… trying to make the data fit your ideas.

“Having wood” is now apparently all you need to not be impoverished.

Great to know the bar is set so low!

The facts point to the same thing again and again and again… your future depends on *you*, not your environment… because, after all, you can change that.

Poverty of the mind is the real killer.

One of the *nastiest* forms of that are those that push the idea that your environment controls your destiny… so why try? The death toll from the spread of this idea is incalculable and substantial.

Truly empowered people *know* to look inside them.

It doesn’t take seeing too many teenage Vietnamese girls coming here without 2 pennies to rub together, not knowing English, with crap for education… who go to work in an entry level job and then buy their first home 8 years later in order to be absolutely convinced that your line of reasoning is fully without merit… and even dangerous.

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