So, I’ll save everyone some time having to figure out this hate crime…

Through discussion, SF Ali sent me a video of the “hate crime”… all that happens is that he runs into a feminist! LOL!

She’s not on about Islam at all, except for how it treats women… this is how the feminist lens works. She complains about inequality (surprise!) to the Muslim woman present.

“I don’t give a fuck what statement you’re going to make to justify that a man is allowed to fuck four women and you can’t fuck four men… because you’re not equal.”

Society has had to put up with feminists pushing their view for decades… and though annoying, feminists defending women, even obnoxiously, simply isn’t a hate crime (and just because they can be obnoxious, doesn’t mean they are wrong).

I wouldn’t wish a rabid feminist on my worst enemy :)

This article should be re-titled: So two social justice warriors walk into a Starbucks, My experience with an obnoxious feminist.

Men have had to put up with these feminists forever…

“hate crime” LOL,

But hey, if you had told everyone you ran into a feminist from the start, you probably would have generated a LOT more sympathy!