I haven’t seen the red pill, however I don’t think that recognizing that both men and women have…
Em Loeb

So, what you are saying, by being completely unable or unwilling to answer my questions… is that you understand that feminists have silenced advocates for men, even though you attempt to claim otherwise.

Do I have that right?

If not, then please: yes or no Have feminists not actively silenced advocates for men… many times over?

Because if the answer is yes… your assertions totally fall apart.

(trust me, the outcome for your position is very bleak at this moment).

I do believe, however, that you are an honest person that strives to be fair and hear voices that are not your own.

This is where The Red Pill comes in.

If you take your position seriously at all… then you have a film to see, produced by a (spoiler avoided) feminist.

You will watch feminists repeatedly attempting to silence men and their advocates. Relentlessly. Aggressively. Obscenely.

Are you ready?

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