If I did, I wouldn’t hope for it.
Jenny Asencio

So which is it? Do you believe you live in a world where the only value women have is their sexuality, or don’t you?

Because I can point to a university system that gives degrees to women in massive numbers… women politicians that win elections (which means they have voters), where men can’t stand stupid women and refuse to date them (myself included), where women are coddled at all levels of government with programs targeted at them, a broad social reverence for motherhood, with annual celebrations, the decision by men to give women the vote a hundred years ago… and on and on and on… demonstrating conclusively that the world you describe does not in fact exist.

So why float such a bizarre fantasy? Quite self serving, it seems to me.

Women’s sexual powers are indeed very strong, but that’s evolved into men… they have no say in the matter, and women take full advantage of this, leveraging everything they have with an ongoing partnership with manufacturers of every beauty enhancement product imaginable… pushing, pulling, lengthening, coloring, augmenting, and in a dozen other ways pushing this power to its absolute maximum to the tune of billions spent every year.

Feminists try to sell this as men making them do it… which is pure bullshit. The easy way to test is to tell a hundred women they can’t wear any makeup or any other enhancers for a month… then listen to the screams.

If you want a world where women’s sexual power is reduced… (you would phrase it “women appreciated for more than their sexuality”) then why not go on a campaign to stop women from spending billions on this stuff? We both know you’re not going to. Women spend billions objectifying themselves… its far easier to just blame men for how the male of our (and other) species has evolved.

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