I don’t know what you were trying to say in this paragraph, but it makes no sense.
Jon D Thornton

The only question I have is… why didn’t anyone seem to know this a long time ago? I sure did. Are you aware that America became the single largest producer of cotton AFTER slavery was ended?

And just so there is no confusion… these developments are done by engineers, programmers, vision system experts, machinists, fabricators and will all need a full array of technical support when deployed.

Bottom line: migrant workers operate on a level where the slaves did in US cotton fields many generations ago. Their continued use has severely retarded growth into advanced automation (to solve the tricky problems). Solving difficult problems is not the role of the uneducated migrant worker. It’s the role of skilled engineers, working indoors, in comfort, earning six figures.

The only people anywhere near the fields should be the technicians and maintenance specialties who, again, earn very good money.

So no, these are NOT jobs “Americans won’t do”. Our engineers are HAPPY to do it.

Keeping us in the dark ages with immigrants is absolutely ridiculous.

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