But it is still a factor.
Elisa Mariño

There are no “points”.

If you are white, and male… you have one distinctive advantage… which is you have zero excuses to hide behind. You know that from the moment you wake up each day, you will receive no pity, no special considerations…

Dealing with this is excellent preparation for life.

And if you are the child of alumni, then you are, regardless of sex or color.

Asians proved to the world that a racial minority can achieve superior levels of success, simply because they chose to in America.

If blacks or Hispanics don’t want to, then nobody is going to force them… and what’s worse, they generally listen to people that make excuses for them… demotivating them further. These are the biggest factors of all.

There is little more damning than a demotivated life.

Meanwhile Asians dominate in earnings and other measurable attainment in a supposedly “racist” nation.

Because of AA, we know that any Asian that graduates with a degree is certain to be the best of the best. We also know that any black with a degree is automatically suspect as far as potential and capabilities, because standards are lowered so much for them.

You’d be a fool not to hire an Asian with an advanced degree… and you’d be a fool to hire a black with an advanced degree unless you had no other choice for the entirety objective reasons I’ve outlined.

With AA… that is the only place where points are literally added.