What It Really Means To Appropriate African American Art And Culture
Nzinga Alexis Mbande

There seems to be no end to claims of oppression that blacks are able to invent every year or two… just to keep themselves convinced they are still in chains, and can then continue to hate whites. Hate is now part of black identity in America, maintained by any means necessary.

Now, through the magic of highly inventive Black thinking, we are told that if you use the wrong hair care products, you’re guilty of violence against blacks… who naturally respond to “violence” with actual violence, and three more blacks are shuffled off to prison.

Good show, old chaps!

Imagine what your life would be like if you gave up all of this bullshit, and refocused your life on self improvement… expanding your thinking, expanding your horizons… and stopped accusing people you don’t know over crimes that do not in fact exist.

At least when the fiction of Harry Potter was penned, the author got rich.

Garbage like this does nothing for anyone.

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