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This is an absolutely correct depiction of why the GOP is “decaying”. It shows a series of untrue characterizations of the GOP voter in order to unfairly smear them.

Recall in our past where some women were branded with demonic acts and persecuted as witches.

This is a tried and true method of disposing of those you don’t like.

My suggestion is: if you have to spread untruths in order to make a point, you probably don’t have one.

Shall I return fire with a series of panels that “show” how dems want the end of democracy and total communist rule? How they embrace depravity in order to rip apart the fabric of society? How they want to control children’s minds in bid to erase freedom of thought and absolute party conformity?

Extreme tactics are, in a word, extremism.

While we’re at it… you might try explaining the extremism behind leftist activists issuing death threats against electors who will be voting for Trump.

Extremism is an ugly thing.