“Word salad”?
Kendra Parris

“ this story had zero to do with race. It wasn’t mentioned.”

Of course it wasn’t mentioned.

That’s the POINT of the land minds, my aggressive friend.

They are there, to SILENCE people for FEAR that they go off.

Why are you so clueless as to both their use and effect?

If the Klan were to be interviewing a black man for a job, what is one way you can make sure the Klan don’t speak up against him?

Put a bomb under their seats. You won’t hear shit about him being unqualified. He will get the job.

THAT IS THE POINT. Silence foes through fear of instant reprisal.

You can’t say anything bad about a black man, or else the bomb goes off.

Obama does something stupid? Can’t say anything about it… or else you are a racist. Limbaugh does anyway. What do they call him? A racist.

The funny part about THIS situation is that it was reversed. This time, the black man was a Republican… and the democrats had to shut up because of the bomb under their seats. That THEY put there long ago.

Pull your head out.

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