As you were obviously never raped/violated in your life; I really don’t believe you have any room…
Sandra Lee Smith

To even DISCUSS it?

It’s one thing to question how much I can know, and quite another to favor silencing. Taking a page from the progressives, I see.

And as per your ridiculous assumption… I certainly have been violated. Sexually. (anticipating your next foolish remark).

But I don’t stand on that. I stand on reason.

Explain to me the situation of man A and man B, as well as the scarred and damaged female ducks…

Raw emotion ain’t gonna cut it here, sister. You’ll have to make sense as well.

There is a VERY WIDE latitude of events that are called “rape”. Treating them as if they all invariably produce the same result is not supported either logically, empirically, or anecdotally.

Part of the damage done to rape victims has to do with working very hard to convince them they are destroyed people.

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