Why I’m voting for Hillary Clinton
DeRay Mckesson

Voting for someone that violates campaign law as profoundly as the DNC and Clinton campaign have, is the same as voting against democracy. You are voting for rulers. The powerful. The elite.

The establishment.

It used to be that honest liberals spoke truth to power. Used to be they knew to be against the establishment because they used to know how deeply corrupt it is, and how it uses money and connections subvert the nation and her elections.

Bernie Sanders supporters understand this well… they were the first victim.

But the victims of the Crime syndicate known as the Clinton Family is a very, very long list… from assaulted and silenced women, graft and corruption, cronyism and pay for play politics… and worse.

We now know that the campaign has paid activists to start fights and play victim in an effort to put innocent Americans in jail (as long as they are Trump supporters) as happened to the old and largely blind man that was assaulted by “oxygen tank woman”… who then took a fall and claimed she was punched. This happened during the elderly couples 50th wedding anniversary no less.

Were it not for two videos that showed up showing that “oxygen tank woman” chased the old man down from behind, and another video of a DNC operative taking full credit for it, the old cataract stricken man would be behind bars and his wife alone.

These are the people you stand for, and it’s a disgrace.

Trump isn’t fullly clean either, but nobody is as dirty as the Clintons. Nobody. It’s not even close.

There are respectable candidates out there. See the green party or the Libertarian party.

Hillary Milhouse Clinton, and her husband (and many officials in the DNC and their contractors) should all be doing time.

Utterly disgraceful.