Your lack of knowledge of the gay/lesbian experience is understandable if you’ve never met one.
Victor Edward

Well, I hardly think that merely meeting a homosexual would produce a profound insight into all things gay… :)

I’m merely saying… next to Milo, I don’t know jack.

I know plenty of gays and lesbians, I’ve slept with a gay, I’ve debated them, I’ve read their work… but still, I’m pretty sure Milo knows FAR more.

With me?

From what I’ve been told and have lived, it’s not easy “coming out”. Many homosexuals experiment, hoping they aren’t, since, although it’s legal, it’s still a declaration of being out of the mainstream; of being — to some — abnormal.

Right… that’s certainly true… born out in statistics, anecdotes, and common sense.

If being a young person, at a time that is screwed up for everyone… it’s harder as they are dealing with a sexuality that is clearly out of step with most of the world. That might weigh pretty heavily on some… to the point of suicide.

consider the contention that The Right found a way to criminalize being black — and treated the resultant turmoil as a ‘Law and Order’/incarceration matter?

Considered. Rejected. :)

You’ll have to flesh that out a LOT more.

I would suggest another idea: The left has fostered anger in blacks… directed at the right, in order to keep the blacks on the Democrat vote plantation. The anger changes behavior… the changed behavior leads to failure in all areas of life. The failures are then blamed on the right to reinforce the anger, lather, rinse, repeat.

To say that the “progressive agenda” is responsible for all positive change is really not a strong statement. Consider two doctors. One is monitoring a patient and hopes that the patient lives… but is only willing to take the most basic steps. The other doctor sees the patient, and in a burst of empathy starts doing random things to the patient, all in the name of “fixing them”. Because they care.

Now… when all of this mayhem is done, one can say that the “progressive” doctor is responsible for nearly all positive change.

Fair enough, but not meaningful. After all… it was random, and plenty bad happened too.

The list you gave of progress is by no means universally agreed to actually be progress or beneficial to the patient. And with so many other things going wrong (as you would expect with random events), we are very far from being able to say if the progressive doctor was any better… and perhaps worse, than the conservative doctor that did little.

And of course we should expect that the progressive doctor is biased in his assessment of what he has done. Yes?

If progressivism works… why are blacks “still oppressed”? Why are women “still oppressed”? Why are there still poor? etc. etc. etc.

Trillions have been spent to no effect, or negative effect on social “progress”.

Look at one case… President Obama was progressive. What happened to race relations after 8 years of his racial leadership? Worst relations in generations, my friend.

Re: Milo

I think Milo was brought down because he was effective. You work hard to take down you enemy. Even if you have to openly excuse violence, violate individual rights and destroy property to do it… the other option was to not violate anyone’s rights… and just leave Milo alone. Yes?

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