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Well, you say that… but it’s not unusual for people to send emails.

It has to be the content of the emails… not that there are emails.

You’ve provided nothing specific from those emails that support what you’ve said. Recall my caution about dealing in impression and innuendo… contrasted to your claims.

It should give you great pause that through all of this, that you still have not provided anything that agrees with what you said.

I assume you have something in mind.

If what you say is in the emails, then why have you yet to produce a quote? It seems to me that you are, right this moment, dealing in innuendo as well. There is a claim… and something that superficially sounds like it might support you… but you never actually get around to saying what it is.

This is what we’ve had to put up with for over half a year. Ominous noises… and 24/7 fishing expeditions.

You’re not one of those that thinks that if you use Russian salad dressing, that means you are “linked to the Russians” are you?